A facilitator leading a workshop.The TELL Centre provides opportunities to train facilitators within your organisation to deliver the Teaching on the Run program. As a facilitator, you are supported by:

  • Professional administration of your courses, including enrolments, bookings, tracking, evaluation and access to the learning management system.
  • Regularly updated delivery plans and teaching materials for facilitators.
  • A unique community of practice that provides direct access to some of the world’s leaders in clinical education.
  • Regular skill development webinars.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Our next PERTH FTP will be held on 20th and 21st October .   Please email tellcentre@uwa.edu.au for further information or click here to register your interest in attending.

Visit Focus on Facilitators on the Community site to find out more.

Online Support

The TELL Centre provides all accredited facilitators an efficient online administration of workshops, including enrolment, as well as pre and post workshop surveys, e-learning material and up to date resources for the workshops.

In addition, TELL Centre provides access for all to the Community of Practice, which contains a variety of educational resources and advice and links to a network of fellow facilitator and clinical educators.