Systematic Review of Collaborative Models of Clinical Education

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Contributor Name: Lauren Lynch
Contributor Profession: Speech Pathology

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Teaching Resource Title: Systematic Review of Collaborative Models of Clinical Education

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Systematic review exploring collaborative models where one clinical educator supervises two or more students completing a clinical placement concurrently. The aims of the review were to investigate advantages and disadvantages of the collaborative model and to explore its implementation across allied health. A systematic search of the literature was conducted using three electronic databases (CINAHL, Medline, and Embase). Two independent reviewers evaluated studies for methodological quality. Seventeen studies met inclusion/exclusion criteria. Advantages and disadvantages identified were consistent across disciplines. A key advantage of the model was the opportunity afforded for peer learning, whilst a frequently reported disadvantage was reduced time for individual supervision of students. The methodological quality of many included studies was poor, impacting on interpretation of the evidence base. Insufficient data were provided on how the model was implemented across studies. There is a need for high quality research to guide implementation of this model across a wider range of allied health disciplines and to determine educational outcomes using reliable and validated measures

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Author(s) (Surname, Initial/s): Briffa C & Porter J

Volume/Issue/Page: 15(6), 564-574

Year of Publication: 2013

Publisher: International journal of speech-language pathology

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