Learning Outcomes – Leading and Influencing in Clinical Supervision

Workshop Title: Leading and Influencing in Clinical Supervision (1-Day Advanced Workshop)

Brief description:

This 1-day workshop is most appropriate for clinical supervisors and line managers, in particular those who provide or are interested in providing leadership and influence in clinical supervision.
The workshop seeks to encourage clinical supervisors to show leadership and influence when facilitating learning, conducting summative assessment and to actively address workplace and organisational culture and communication.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of workplace & organisational culture
  • Enhance their skills in facilitating learning
  • Explore summative assessment practices
  • Identify and implement conflict resolution processes

The important aspect the advanced workshop recognises is supervisors can more widely influence the institution in which they work, beyond just the students or colleagues they closely relate to or the Department in which they work. This requires taking concepts already learned and used as a clinical supervisor and finding ways to constructively work with peers and more senior colleagues to influence, inspire and improve. Additionally, the advanced workshop takes understanding the critical nature of summative assessment to a new level.

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