Assessing professionalism: theory and practice

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Contributor Name: Shaani Graves and Jacqueline Niemann
Contributor Profession: Audiology

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Teaching Resource Title: Assessing professionalism: theory and practice

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Fitness to practise/professional competence is receiving
increasing attention in the medical profession and in
medical education.
There are conceptual and practical limits to the
employment of methods of selecting medical students
which aim to maximize prefessional competence.
Professional judgment is a necessary and legitimate
component of all assessment areas in medicine.
The assessment of professional attitudes and behaviour
requires professional judgment, but is no less objective
than judgments made in traditional made in traditional
academic areas.
Assessing attitudes and bahaviour is best achieved
using a ‘negative’ model, which is analogous to the
assessment of decision-making capacity.

Author(s) (Surname, Initial/s): Parker, M;

Volume/Issue/Page: 28/5/399-403

Year of Publication: 2006

Publisher: Informa Healthcare; Medical Teacher

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