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    Linda Ramsbottom

    We are about to commence delivering Webinars for some of our teaching, can anyone recomend useful guides to doing this well?



    Margaret Potter
    Key Master

    HI Linda

    I’ve used both click meeting and gotomeeting as hosts for webinars I have delivered. Each had tips on how to structure and deliver a webinar so depending on the host you are using you may find they also have a handout.  I also found the information at the following link useful to get my thinking in the right place for webinar vs face-to-face delivery

    Something else that I have found to be very important to do before running your webinar is to ensure participants receive notification regarding their system requirements and equipment (e.g., microphone/headphones etc) so they can get organised well in advance.  Otherwise you can plan a great interactive session and then find no one has a microphone so only you can talk and they can only ask questions by typing them in the messaging section.

    All the best - would love to hear how you find the experience.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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