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    sarah pickstock

    I would be intersted in feedback about teaching whilst home visiting. It is hard to know what will present and in my situtaion there is often a great deal of distress

     i tend to focus on reveiwing the case later, what was done and said and why, what we could have done differently

    I would love to know of others who teach in the home setting

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    Fiona Lake

    It seems to be the challenges are space, number of people visiting, awareness this is someones’ home and ensuring that is respected, but in particular the health professional who is leading the visit and supervising the learners allowing the student to play an active part in the interaction. This may mean you the teacher watching a health professional (student) – patient interaction you do not think is ideal (or is even bad) but trying to let the student run with it then assist in ensuring you are happy with the outcomes for that clinical interaction. I think we do not like watching people do a mediocre or bad job of interacting with a patient but in general I do not think it does any harm and when you take over, the patent is usually satisfied, the student can learn by watching you (and essentially discussing their observations in a debrief). What is important is you pick the patient (tolerant!, health issue which will not be made worse (anxiety)) and make sure you have enough time as letting the student interact then you interact will take more time.  I think the anxiety about letting someone else practice (and potentially do a bad job) is harder if you are supervising a student from a different profession.  This becomes easier if you are clear in your mind as what you want them to achieve out of the interaction or from watching you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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