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    Margaret Potter

    The following post was submitted by Nina Kilfoyle.

    I work as a registrar in a busy ED Department. Registrars work closely with RMO’s and Interns and provide the bulk of the clinical supervision. We have a large number of International Medical Graduates from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds (mostly Burma).

    I would like to run a Registrar/Consultant workshop on the special needs of this group of learners, the barriers to learning and competence, and  practical suggestions regarding how to maximise the facilitation of their learning. I think there is a lot of room for improvement! What advice/resources are available?

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    Margaret Potter

    Hi there
    In my experience it can be challenging, but also very rewarding to work with CALD learners. In general I’ve found allocation of more time is beneficial (cf non-CALD learners) esp. in the early stages when getting to know the individuals and identifying learning styles/preferences and aligning that with appropriate teaching & learning strategies.
    In an article related to teaching CALD health professionals Gilligan & Outram (2012): Education for Health; Vol 25 (1) suggest:
    • Provide opportunities for socialisation between local and international students (culturally safe events)
    • Enable learners to share their culture with others e.g., cultural awareness events
    • Be aware of pace of speaking, use of slang terms
    • Encourage formation of mixed groups for activities
    • Provide preparatory materials for international students that include details of the methods of learning and expectation of their professional roles
    • Provide opportunities to improve English language proficiency

    You may also find the following link from the UNSW useful:

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