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    Allison Hilbig

    Just curious – what is the smallest workshop size you have successfully run for each of the six TOTR workshops and what do you personally set as the mininum number to go ahead?

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    Margaret Potter

    Personally the smallest group size that I think works well with the TOTR program is 5-6.  From experience if you have less there can be some limitations in the richness and diversity of group interactions/discussions, but on the upside the workshop will finish earlier. However, another point I would make is that sometimes when you have a group with ‘special’ characteristics e.g. english as a 2nd language, cultural considerations, low level of confidence in public speaking having a small group size is advantageous as from a facilitation perspective you have more time and can more easily build rapport, confidence and thus engagement/interaction among participants.  I’ll be interested to hear the views of others.

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    Allison Hilbig

    Thanks Margaret. We’re at the point sometimes of deciding whether to go ahead with a small number or cancel. We ended up running an Assessment workshop with just four people – but that was after one not turning up.  It actually worked okay and there was good interaction from everyone but I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any less. We’re trying to aim for a minimum of six just in case we have a no show.

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    Judy O’Connor

    I agree with Margaret that 5-6 people is  good sized group to work with, this number ensures a small group feel to the session, gives everyone time to share their contribution to the session and facilitates networking amongst such a small group. ( A great side benefit when you have both hospital and community GPs coming to the session). I have however run sessions with less than this number as in smaller facilities it can be difficult to get the numbers and there are always last minute cancellations.  Cancelling the entire session means the program becomes unreliable if cancellations occur too often and potential candidates are annoyed when they had prepared and freed their schedules to attend a module.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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