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    Anne Kimberley

    I am thinking about the workshop (3) ‘Assessment’ and am exploring the answer to a question: How to distinguish between assessment and feedback? When I ask the question in previous workshops “What positive experiences have you had of formative assessment?” the answers are all about experience with positive feedback they have received! But thats not what is being asked. So I’ve thought about it and consider that assessment is about the ‘GATHERING’ of evidence and feedback is about ‘GIVING’ or facilitating interpretation of this evidence for the learner to maintain or improve their performance.

    I am interested in anyone’s thoughts!


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    Margaret Potter

    I wonder whether the responses you get reflect that formative assessment is based around the provision of developmental feedback to support the learner and summative assessment is around measurement of learning.  So, in both cases there should be gathering of evidence e.g., specific observed examples of one’s performance (formative), test results (summative) and provision of feedback e.g., 1-1 discussion (formative), grade provided +/- written comments (summative).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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