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    Karen Simunov

    To assist clinical staff with completing a BLS update the session has been realigned into a blended module.  Online component and quiz to be completed prior to the practical session.  The practical BLS component is undertaken in the clinical areas using the 4-step approach as ‘learning on the run’.  This has lead to an increase in the overall percentage of completion from approx.  50% to 80% completion (nursing stats only)

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    Georgina Neill

    I work with Karen and think it’s great to hear her describe how she has applied the principles of blended learning and four step skill instruction to adapting and enhancing workplace training!


    In staff surveys on professional development, there is always requests for shorter duration training, as well as a mixed response to whether or not “e-learning” is desirable. It is good to understand the difference between self directed/self paced learning (which can take place prior, and be self paced) and facilitated learning. I think it’s great to provide self paced learning resources that can be done prior to a session, and address background knowledge, so that facilitated sessions are used for role play/simulation/demonstration/practice/feedback.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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