Managing Difficult Interactions in Student Clinical Supervision

FAO of all Supervisors

How can you walk the walk and talk the talk?

We are seeking Expressions of Interest  across all Health Professionals  across all disciplines (private, public, not for profit) for our half day workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to build the capacity of clinical supervisors to engage in difficult interactions with students and/or colleagues.

The session will include presentation, demonstrations, discussions and activities and provide the following learner outcomes:

  1. Explore the key features of difficult interactions and the skills required to manage them
  2. Identify behavioural preferences and explore how these can influence interactions
  3. Implement a framework to guide engagement in difficult interactions
  4. Actively engage in reflection on and in practice


What are the costs involved?

$150.00 (including GST)


For group organisation/individual Expressions of  Interest please contact  or    Tel:(08)61510832

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