L2 Facilitator Accreditation: Expression Of Interest

TELL Centre are seeking Expressions of Interest from Licensed L1 facilitators who wish to complete L2 accreditation.

Level 1  or Senior Accredited Facilitators with significant experience as Level 1 Facilitators of the Teaching on the Run Program and/or they have equivalent experience as recognized by the TELL Centre.

Level 2 Facilitators train Level 1 facilitators by running the two-day Facilitator Training Program and are willing to act as mentors and assist new facilitators to get the TOTR program further established.

What is required?

  1. The requesting organisation identifies one or two people from any Level 1 Facilitator Training Program who are confident in their facilitation skills and willing to commit to training as a Level 2 facilitator.
  2. The individual(s) will have conducted all six foundation TOTR workshops, ideally on multiple occasions and be familiar with the roles and functions of the TELL Centre to support workshop administration, blended learning and Community of Practice activities.

Please read below the expectations and requirements of all those completing the L2 program.

  • At this time there is no charge for the L2 program for all existing Facilitators.
  • Trainees will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance/leadership during their development phase.

TELL Centre has to ensure sustainability of  numbers (across Australia) within our pool of active L2 facilitators who can deliver the Facilitator Training Program (FTP) on a regular basis.

  •  L2 facilitators deliver a minimum of 1xFTP per year  on behalf of TELL Centre ( with payment for time available) in addition….
  1. Western Australia based L2 facilitators to deliver a minimum of 3xTOTR workshops (BF) on behalf of TELL Centre (i.e., 3-4 hours work (no payment for time available) or (2)
  2. Non Western Australia L2 facilitators to contribute a minimum of five new Teaching Resources (that are not already in the system)
  3. All L2 facilitators must be available to mentor a maximum of 2 individuals per year as directed by the TELL Centre team.  These may include both Level 1 facilitators and Level 2 trainees.

Failure to meet obligations

  • TELL Centre will track the contributions of Level 2 facilitators.
  • TELL Centre will email confirmation to all L2 facilitators at the end of each year to clarify whether obligations have been met or not.
  • If an individual does not fulfil a particular year’s obligations these can be carried over to the following year, doubling the expected commitment required. If at the end of two years an individual has failed to meet their obligations, accreditation as a Level 2 facilitator will be revoked and the individual will return to Level 1 status and be required to pay the relevant associated fee(s) each year.

2015 Fee Structure

Complete your application for enrolment to the L2 program

Please call TELL Centre  directly on 08 61510832 or email tellcentre@uwa.edu.au  for further information/application queries.

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