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TELL Centre Educational Programs

Our award winning programs offer an innovative blended learning approach that combines elearning modules with face to face workshops, providing support for all health professionals across all States and Territories in their workplace based clinical teaching, supervision and assessment roles.

Facilitator Training Program

We have adopted a train-the-trainer model. This involves the delivery of our nationally recognised 2 day Facilitator Training Program that includes a series of foundational workshops on the topics:

Planning Learning, Clinical Teaching, Skills Teaching, Assessment, Supporting Learners and Effective Group Teaching and several specialised workshops.

Once trained, facilitators return to their organisations and go on to deliver the Teaching on the Run workshops to their colleagues.

Award winning Teaching on the Run program (an innovative blended learning approach that combines face to face workshops with elearning materials.

Clinical Supervision Workshops (Introductory, Foundation Intermediate and Advanced.

Development and delivery of other practical skills workshops and masterclass sessions to assist supervisors in building capacity and optimising their interactions and teaching methods with their students and/or colleagues.

TELL Centre Newsletter 2015

January 2015 TELL Centre Newsletter

TELL Centre Statistics – Workshops and courses

TOTR courses 2012 January to December 

Number of TOTR courses  (comprised of 1 or more different TOTR workshops)   83
Number of individual TOTR workshops: 119 % of total TOTR workshops
Planning Learning   10      8.4%
Clinical Teaching   39 33%
Skills Teaching   23    19.3%
Assessment   25 21%
Supporting Learners   14 12%
Effective Group Teaching     8   7%
Aggregate number of course participants
Average number of participants per course or per workshop
Number of facilitators   84


Since blended format workshops were introduced in October 2012…..


Total number of individual TOTR workshops 161 % of total
Standard format  64    40%
Blended format  97    60%

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