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What should I do if either I or participants in my workshops encounter any issues with the TELL Centre website or within the TELL Centre e-learning area e.g., online modules?

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Please contact the TELL Centre team via email or call on (08) 9346 7367.

How can I check if participants in a blended format workshop have completed the online quiz for a module(s)?

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Login to the TELL Centre e-learning area, go to My Courses and then open the particular course you want to explore.

Once in that course, go to:

 Settings>Course Administration>Grades

This should open a Grader Report where you are able to see each participant’s name and the highest grade they have achieved for each online quiz they have completed.  If no grade is present then they have not yet done (submitted) the quiz.

To check whether a participant has made any attempt at a quiz (attempts in progress), click on the name of the quiz at the top of the Grader Report.

Note: If you need to scroll across the page to the right, go to the very bottom of the page and you will find a left-right scroll bar.

Why do you request the names and email addresses of workshop participants be provided one month before the face-to-face workshop session?

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The earlier we have participant details the sooner they can be enrolled in the course thus providing them with adequate time to do the preparation before coming to the face-to-face session.

What information can a facilitator view within the TELL Centre?

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A facilitator can view all workshops they have facilitated and those they are scheduled to deliver.

For any upcoming workshops all details of the session, including participant names and grades (blended format quiz(zes)) will also be visible to facilitator(s).  However, it is important to note that each course that is set up within the TELL Centre is closed 4-months post-workshop delivery.

Following workshop delivery participants are sent the evaluation survey to complete and it remains open for 3-weeks post-workshop.  Facilitators are given separate access to the evaluation data so they can view the feedback for their workshop(s) and download it (if desired) .